Our qualified , experienced Art Facilitators enable customers to produce a huge range of art, craft and textile work, from painting dramatic sunsets to portraits, drawing cartoon characters to stunning landscapes; modelling papier-mâché monkeys to cardboard sci-fi figures, and embroidering cushion covers to sewing skirts.


We have weekly sessions, working towards productions. Previous productions include ‘A dog’s life’, ‘The Wizard of Oz’, ‘Scenes from Alice in Wonderland’, ‘Christmas Cabaret’ and ‘Shrek’ which friends and family were able to come to see and enjoy. As well as the performances, the drama group and other service users gets involved in designing and making set, props and costumes.



We facilitate regular cooking sessions, producing biscuits, cakes, savoury dishes etc. encouraging customers to follow a recipe, weigh ingredients etc.


Community Activities

We can provide accompanied visits to the local swimming baths and gym.


Poetry/ Discussion

We have an enthusiastic weekly poetry and discussion group who share poems they like, and devise their own poems on a chosen theme.

Other Activities

Other regular activities include Beauty sessions (manicures, face masks etc.), Relaxation Sessions, Nintendo Wii Games, Film afternoons, Needles and natter group, Dancing, Exercise Sessions, Reading Group ‘Talk and Tales’ etc.



We have a variety of games including Bingo, Dominoes, Cards, Jenga and our own Bowling with Skittles.




We have weekly lively music & singing sessions. Service users can get involved using basic instruments, requesting their favourite songs etc.




We have a number of computers that are available to use for searching the internet, helping with projects, looking up information for themes we are working on etc.

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