Enabled and Proud

Healthy living week!!!! – report from service user Lisa.


“During last week at the Enabled Centre I took part in healthy living week for the whole week. 

We tasted healthy smoothies and made cucumber and mint dips, they tasted nice because they were made using fresh ingredients.

We also had guest visits from Mark from Live-well and a dietitian.

I have been losing weight by eating more healthily and I feel a lot better.

I feel more healthy now.

My mum and dad are also eating more healthily.”







E.T. Come Home!!!!

One of our service users, Julie, has been very busy making a fantastic, very realistic life size version of E.Ts head!

We decided to interview her to find out why.


Why did you decide to make E.T?


Because I was going to a fancy dress party and needed a wheelchair friendly costume.


So do you find it hard to find fancy dress costumes designed for wheelchair users. 


Yes however there is a website that my sister looked at, she sent me a few ideas and I chose one. 


How long did it take you to make?

Julie: It took me about 1 month to make as I did it over 4 sessions at the Enabled Centre.


Finally, how did you make it? 


It was made with a cardboard frame, and then i scrunched up newspaper and stuck it on to make the shape, and then covered it in papier mache, before painting it.